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Starting A Career In Hospice

SouthernCare welcomes you to our career pages where you can learn what it truly means to be an employee of SouthernCare and the CURO Health Services' family of hospice care providers. Our mission is to honor life and offer compassion to individuals, and their families, when facing a life-limiting illness. We strive for clinical excellence and seek to select great people, treat them with respect, help them, and communicate effectively. Learn more about our family of hospice care providers:  
Common Positions: RN, Director, CNA, NP, Social Worker, PCM, Pastoral Care
Provide care and guidance in the community to your patients and their caregivers.

Common Positions: Director of Operations, Medical Records, Volunteer Coordinator, Area Vice President
Support our patients, their familiies, and your SouthernCare hospice teams in the field.
Business Development
Common Positions: Hospice Care Consultant, Clinical Liaison, Area Director, Area Vice President
Engage with healthcare professionals and the medical community to ensure hospice care access, eligibility, and continuum of care.


Preparing For Your Interview

SouthernCares company culture signifies our focus on embracing and driving change through our commitment to excellence. Your total interview process may be bit more comprehensive than other positions you have applied for in the past. We seek the best talent to serve our patients and their familiies and to represent SouthernCare and CURO Health Services in our communities. 
You can expect a friendly atmosphere welcoming you as we get to know you better. SouthernCare works in a business casual environment and dresses clinically appropriate for some on-duty staff. Interviews may occur at a local branch or in an environment conducive to conversation. Come prepared to ask questions, take notes, and show us your best for our patients and your future co-workers.

What is the interview process like?

We will discuss what you can expect when serving in this unique environment. Our best employees are the ones that prepared and learned about hospice care and understand its nuances. Your interview will cover the expectations of the role you are applying for and discussions about your work experiences. This is a great time to mention certifications, awards, and personal  goals and achievements you have accomplished at your former position. 

What questions should I be prepared to answer in my interview?

A hospice care employee is trained to perform special duties that serve our standards-of-care and our commitment to clinical excellence. A SouthernCare representative will ask questions relating to these duties during your interview while reviewing your resume. Your first interview may be by phone or in person. Your interviewer will hope to learn more about you and why you are interested in a career in hospice care. Be prepared for a relaxed interview style and a conversation about you and the position.  

Your interview will include questions about how you performed duties and achieved your goals at other positions:

> What scenarios have you experienced that will allow you to both sympathize and empathize with your patient's needs?
> Have you been in a position where travel was involved and/or home-based visits were performed in the past?
> How would you explain the difference between palliative and hospice care and the bridge between them?
> What volunteering, leadership roles, or other social causes have you participated in as part of your personal passions?
> Do you have a personal hospice story you would like to share?

What advice would a current BRAND employee give me about interviewing with your company?

Our current SouthernCare hospice team would reinforce that CURO Health Services values an entreprenual spirit in our employees. We are here for our patients and each other. Your first interview is a great time to discuss ideas and get answers to "silly questions" about hospice care. All of SouthernCare's clinical, operational, and business development positions work together to accomplish our mission of honoring life and offering compassion for our patients and their families within the communities we serve.  

Find Your Next Career

SouthernCare is always seeking qualified candidates for our clinical, operational, and business development teams and look forward to your application. Our job board is up-to-date and includes openings with CURO's entire family of hospice providers.

Join Our Talent Network

If it would be more convenient to apply at another time, or you do not see a current job posting that suits your skills, experience or location please join our Talent Network.  Once you have completed the online form we will automatically alert you to current openings that match your professional profile.


Volunteering for Hospice in the Community

SouthernCare and the CURO Health Services' family of hospice care providers help coordinate volunteers and resources in your community to support patients and their caregivers. Spend time with patients, provide a welcome voice to caregivers, and serve your neighbors and community through the donation of your personal time. Hospice care comes at a time when life matters most and we work together to serve a higher purpose. Learn more about our volunteer program and how you can bebgin serving those around you.

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